Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nick in Normandy

As one blog post on TMP put it -- you cant swing a cat without hitting an historic site in Normandy. One day was just not enough. Especially as I kept deviating off planned routes to go and look at sites! The satnav kept saying 'take next right' and I ignored it as I would zip off to villers bocage or some other site I saw a sign for. In the end I managed to get to:
- Bayeaux (for the tapestry)
- Villers Bocage (where I couldnt find the actual battlefield, but I did find the sewerage farm!)
- Pegasus Bridge
- Arromanches (Sword Beach)
- Longues-sur-mer (Atlantic wall fortifications)

I need to go back to do the Canadian war museum, pointe du hoc, and the bocage.

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