Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Camp Cromwell 20/04/10

Sucessor Battle using Camp Cromwell Rules

Antigonus (Joe) v. Pergumum (Steve)

Antigonus' army had RV Mercenary Infantry, CV heavy cavalry, elephants, horse archers & skirmishers.  The Pergumenes had CT Citizen Phalanx & Cataphracts supported by Cappodocian warriors (horse & foot).  The battlefield was a boring plain. Pic 1 is taken behind Steve's right.

The battle was quite a slug-fest.  Both sides had mixed fortunes on the flanks before the phalanxes locked up in the centre.  But Steve got more value out of his wins by getting cataphracts on both flanks to make flank charges & pursue into the rear of Joe's phalanxes.  When they rallied & charged the rear of the pahlanxes the battle was won. 

Pic 2 from behind Steve's left as the heavy infantry lock up in the centre.

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