Thursday, April 15, 2010

Camp Cromwell 13/04/10

Jim & Rich hit the beach
Joe & Byron

Rich brought Sandy Bay beach to Camp Cromwell.  Joe chose an army from Cobra with 2 platoons of Grenadiers armed with MGs, 2/88's, 4/105's, 2/155 Inf Guns & 2 HMGs plus an 88 bunker & 2 tank turrets on the waterfront.  The Brits had 3 Inf plats, 3 Crocks, 2 Arves, Pioneers, Light Mortars, Heavy Mortars, 3/DD's, bugs &  Typhoons.

The preliminary bombardment was a failure - a solitary Grenadier team was a poor return.  One Arve survived the 88's and took out the 88 bunker.  The DD's all got swamped, but the crocks landed ok & picked off the German 155's with semi-indirect fire while wairing for the Arves to breach the sea wall (the road was blocked by an anti-tank ditch).  The direct attack on the village was beaten off by the Grenadiers therein, but on the right where there was less opposition the Rifles cleared the wire, got off the beach, successfully assaulted the tank turret, and headed inland.   With the help of mortar smoke the Rifles took the village, though the Grenadiers pulled back onto the forward objective in the wood with only light casualties.

The Typhoon's sole contribution was to attract he fire of the 88's for a while.  They hit nothing in the whole game.

The Rifles on the right advanced and took out the 88 on the hill (the other one had been destroyed by heavy mortars).  By then the 2nd Grenadiers had occupied the rear objective, so the Rifles pressed on on the right of the hill to attack the 105's.  Unfortunately for them, the Germans' last platoon, a mickey mouse 2IC platoon of 2, came on just in time to save the gunners.

The Rifles in the village went on the take the forward objective, but the Brit's chance of victory evaporated when their Arve took 4 turns to breach the wall, then promptly bogged down in the gap.  Consequently, the Crocks couldn't get to the rear objective in time.  So it was a minor German victory.

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