Sunday, July 18, 2010

Area 52 Competition Day 2

The camp crowd continued on a mostly winning streak.

Round 4.
Nick vs Grigsy -- Nick won 5-2 (the game was called for time). The game was really decided on the roll to see who would attack -- the board was REALLY hard to attack on!!
Jim vs Patrick -- Jim won 6-1, and so quickly I didnt get to see who he played.
Steve unfortunately went down.
Steve v. Tristan -- Steve lost.

Round 5
Nick vs Tristan -- Nick won 6-1. The game was on the Tunisia table, and the Stuarts managed to slip down a flank into the German rear area and take out the German artillery and two infantry.
Jim vs Smitty -- Jim got a draw 2-3. This was a slug on the stalingrad table. The Russian tanks couldnt make much headway, and their left flank attack disintegrated. Jim counterattacked, but couldnt get accross the table in time.
Steve v. John -- Steve lost.

In the end Jim won best General, and Nick won best overall.

The competition was fantastic. The venue was fantastic. A highly recommended event for anyone considering it in 2011!!!

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