Saturday, July 17, 2010

Area 52 Tourney Day 1

11 players fronted up.  There were 3 from Camp Cromwell (Jim, Steve & Nick) & about half a dozen from the Kingston Bunker Rats.

Round 1 - Breakthrough:
Steve's Grenadiers defeated Patrick's US Rangers.
Nick's US Rifles defeated Richard Taylor's Kiwis 6-1.
Jim's Fucilieri lost to John Mumford's Cossacks 2-5.

Round 2 - Cauldron:
Steve was beaten by Smithy's Russians.
Nick defeated James' Grenadiers 6-1.
Jim beat Griggsy's Grenadiers 5-2.

Round 3 - Fighting Withdrawal:
Jim & Nick were matched against each other in a scenario that suited the Fucilieri, and with the Regio Aeronautica actually showing up regularly, Nick was doomed. Italy 5-2.
Griggsy's Grenadiers beat Steve's.

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