Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gaming Garage - A Wild (West) Time

Playing Legends of the Old West. The townsfolk of Beaver Junction (Leigh) defending against a mob of thugs known as the Bunker Rats, lead by that notorious outlaw Griggsy, with Smitty the Kid and assorted toughs (Joe).

A great time was had by all. The outlaws couldnt shoot. And the townsfolk defender, William (the man in the bowler with the silver derringer) proved to be lethal, using his walking stick in hand to hand combat to great effect. The preacher kept shooting his shotgun rather than using the good book. And the sherrif was shooting from the saddle with great accuracy.

In the end the outlaws headed for the hills leaving three toughs dead, having only slightly wounded the preacher. The outlaws also left Smitty the Kid unconcious, but he revived and managed to sneak away in the confusion to rejoin his posse.

Peace has returned to the town. The peacefull townsolk have ordered some mail-order brides. But wait - there is rumor that the Guacamole Gang of mexican banditos are headed North. And William and the preacher have departed -- there wasnt enough money in town for William, and the preacher was saddened that his tithe wasnt paid. And what has happened to the darstardly Bunker Rats gang?

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