Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Camp Cromwell 03/08/10

FOW 1750 pts Roadblock Mission

Jim & Mark's Guards Tankovy
v. Steve's SS.
Joe did the lawyering.

The Russians started with their IS2's & T34/85s on the road.  The Germans ambushed the T34's with 2 88's, but only got a one.  The Russians brought on their Cossacks and started forward on their right, but 4 MkIVs turned up & they thought better of it & hid in the woods even though the T34's got the better of the tank fight.

The Germans began to push forward on thier right with Panzer Grenadiers with HTs using woods as cover.  The Russians decided the IS's needed more help than the T34's and galloped off accross the Russian rear.

At this point Mark misread the rules & ignored his orders & pulled his IS2's back a bit to give more killing ground.  The Germans immediately quoted the fine print in the rules & claimed vistory as they held an objective at the start of any turn on or after turn 6.  Oakie was pronptly shot & his IS2's put back where they should have been. 

In the re-run the IS2's with a bit of help from the Cossack HMGs stopped the SS Panzer Grenadiers & the Germans conceded.

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