Friday, August 06, 2010

Camp Cromwell 07/08/10

Jim's Tankovy v. Rich's Panzers
1750 pts Cauldron (LW)

The Russians defended.  They dug their Motostrelk in on the objectives with 8 T34's in ambush, 8 more in reserve along with 3 IS2 & Cossack.

Rich deployed his 105's & recon at the start with Panthers & armoured Panzer Grenadiers to come.  This rendered the ambush pretty useless, but the 105s were left out on a limb on the Russian side of the table due to the deployment dice.  They knocked out a T34 or 2, but when the Cossacks came on they were sitting ducks & were quickly ridden down. 

The T34's (half 76 & half 85) tried to take on the Panthers & quickly found that this was not a good idea.  The Panthers started to drive the Motostrelk off one of the objectives, but the IS2 's & the 2nd T34 platoon arrived in time to distract them.  Rich failed to coordinate his Panzergrenadiers with the armour & the Russians were able to first neutralise the Panthers then make an impregnamble front against the PG's.

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