Sunday, August 15, 2010

Strategikon Ancients - Rome v. Pyrrhus

Jim's Romans v. Peter of Epirus

The Romans (left/front of pics) deployed 2 legions in the centre with cavalry covering their left and Triari on the right.

Pyrrhus deployed his phalanx in the centre, with Galacians on each side, heavy & light cavalry on his left, elephants, peltasts  & light cavalry on his right.

The Romans advanced in two lines in the centre, holding their flanks back.  Pyrrhus advanced on the whole front, but the different pace of his troop types made it an impi with both flanks forward.

On the Roman left, their cavalry was unable to keep all the enemy occupied and a peltast unit was able to threaten the flank of the Roman infantry neutralising a valuable triari unit. 

On the Roman right the Galacians were defeated and the enemy cavalry delayed as they tried to manoeuvre past the triari.

In the centre the Romans hit the phalanx hard.  It was largely pushed back, but did not break.  The right hand phalanx overlapped the Roman left, but part of the second line turned to face it.  The Romans had hoped to deal with the extra phalanx with Principes & Triari, but the peltasts had to be neutralised as well & only the triari could do it.  Faced by the best phalanx, the Principes fought hard, but couldn't win.  For the Romans to win they had to break the rest of the phalanx.  They pushed it back, but it wouldn't break.

Finally Pyrrhus' right got it's act together, the Hastasi that beat the Galacians didn't reface fast enough and  the cavalry broke the Roman left to win the battle.

This was the second playtest of the rules.  We resolved a few conundrums we had ironed out more rough edges.  It was a very close & enjoyable battle. 

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