Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Maharajah 2010 1st Qualifier

Jim's British Guard Infantry (HH)
Joe's Falschirjager (FE)
2000 pts Hold The Line, Germans attacking.

Barrie, Byron & Steve umpiring.

The Germans had 2 FJs platoons, 2/Light 75's, 2/HMGs, 3/37mm AAHT, 4/150mm Art, 2 King Tigers & Limited HS 129B.

The Brits has 3 Rifle plats, 3/bugs, 2 Tank platoons (each 3 Shermans +1 FF), 4/Sextons & 4/5.5" Art.

The Germans advanced their main force on their right with their smaller FJ + 75's on the left & big guns in rear (pic 1).

The Brits put their 5.5" in rear, Rifles on the forward objective on their left and another Rifles + a Tank Platoon in ambush.

The HS made their presence felt early by keeping the 5.5"s pinned down and useless.   The Brits counterattacked early by putting their Sherman ambush down on their right and counterattacking the German left.  The destroyed the FJ's then headed to the rear to distract the 150's from the main front.

The KT's attacked the hill with the AA, HMGs & FJ in support.  The Brit reserves came slowly, but they got some Shermans up to help only to have 2 zapped by HS's & another by a KT while the other bugged off.  But the Rifles gave ground slowly & the ambush platoon was put down in close support. 

On the other flank, the Shermans emasculated the 150's with semi indirect fire, then headed back towards the objective  to take out the HMG platoon from the rear. Pic 4).

These sucesses were countered by the HS's taking out half the 5'5" & 2 more Shermans (Pic 4).

But it was on the objective hill that the battle was decided.  The rest of the Brit reserves showed up eventually & just in time to take over as the 2 front line Rifles were finally destroyed.  The KT's sat on the objective sniping while the 2 remaining 5.5" consistently failed re-rolls and the FJs & HTs lurked behind them.  The bugs rushed up to dispute the objective & the Sextons took on the HT's.  The KT's failed to bully the bugs (Pic 3) & when the bugs took the FJ's below half strength, the British Fabian strategy finally came to fruition.  The FV FJ's  failed morale to be the 4th lost platoon of 7 & this forced an Army Morale Test.  This they also failed giving the Brits victory in a long hard fought & thoroughly enjoyable battle.

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