Friday, August 06, 2010

Nick in Launceston

Nick vs Dennis, FOW Mid war 1500 pts -- Germans vs Russians.

Nick left his figs in Hobart, so he borrowed Dennis's Russian army. Dennis used his brother's Germans.

The scenario was roadblock. The Germans were the attackers, which means they were ambushed. Unfortunately, the Russian ambush failed to do enough damage. The German retribution was swift and brutal. The Russians tried switching to the other flank, and managed to threaten the objective. But they couldnt do enough damage -- the German Panzers kept unbailing, and passing platoon morale, all the while whittling away at the Russians. Eventually there were not enough Russians left to put up a good show, and Nick conceeded.

The game was a LOT of fun, with both players maneuvering around terrain for whatever shots they could get.

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