Friday, August 20, 2010

Launceston Wargames Club 20/08/10

Jim's Panzers (FE) v. Nick's US Armour (Italy Vets)
1750 pts Cauldron, Germans defending.
The two armies were very similar:
HQ Stugs, 5 Stugs, 5 MkIV, Falshirmjager (9rmg + PF), 4/150's.
HQ Shermans, 5 Shermans, 5 Sherman 76 (including a hero), Rifles, 3 Priests.

Pic 1 is after US turn 1. The Sherman 76's in the wood are sniping at the FJ's. Everyone else is waiting for reinforcements. The Priests deploy behind the woods on the left (their observer is the Sherman in the foreground). The GIs move up through the wood and open fire to soften up the FJ. The Germans deploy their 150's behind the Sugs and their MkIVs come on near the observer Sherman.

This provokes an attack by the US left & centre. The Stugs are destoyed and the Shermans & GIs destroy the FJ's. But the MkIV's rush over to counterattack and with help from the 150's the Shermans are also destroyed. The MkIV's then take on the GI's. With both sides verging on army mrale failure it all came down to the below half strength morale test after the combat. Both passed, but that left the GIs on an objective & game over.

This was a great little game - going right down to a single dice roll at the end.

There were 2 other FOW games going on at the same time as well as several unhistorical games. Pic 4 is their special desert table.

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