Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Black Powder 10/08/10

Steve & Byron's Austrians
Barrie & Joes' Prussians

The Austrians sat back & let the Prussians learn how hard it can be to launch a coordinated attack when you haven't much experience in the rules. 

In the centre the Prussian infantry rushed forward leaving their artillery support behind & couldn't make any headway against infnatry well supported by artillery.

On the Prussian right the grenadiers got carried away and charged through the cornfield at the Austrian's Bavarian allies.  The front line grenadiers followed up pathetic attack dice with a double 1 for morale & ran for it.  The second unit was outflanked & shot to bits.  The 3rd was withdrawn.

Left of centre the now desperate Prussians sent their cavalry up the hill.  On the far flank, the Austrians made their only agressive move, advancing their cavalry.  The Prussian cavalry punched a hole through the Austrian infantry, but their flank guard of dragoons was defeated.  This left them with 3 brigades broken & failed army morale.

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