Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nick's on Saturday Morning

Carl's US v. Jim's Fucilieri
1500 Cauldron

The US had the good luck to deploy in one corner where they could skulk out of sight of the Italian artillery until their reserves arrived. The Regio Aeronautica tried to help, but couldn't past the aamgs dripping off all the US vehicles.

When the Infantry arrived they attacked the Fucilieri immediately supported by 10 Shermans.  The GI's were stopped by the Fucilieri but the massed Shermans overwhelmed the 75mm Cannon with their firepower.  When the Semovente 90's arrived the Shermans pulled back to regroup, then charged forward with stabilisers to take them out in one turn.  The Fucilieri & 47's tried valiently to hold the Shermans off, but just didn't have enough grunt to do it.

In competition terms it was a 5:2 US victory.

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