Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Camp Cromwell 14/09/10

Jim's Panzers v. Mark's US Airborne
1750 pts Encounter

The Germans put their Stugs & MkIVs on the table (5 of each plus 2 Stugs in HQ), 155's & FJ's in reserve.  The Brits had Infantry, 57mm a/tank guns & Cromwells on the table, more Cromwells, Infantry & Sextons in reserve. (Pic 1).

The Germans took the subtle approach & charged the objective with 12 Panzers.  One MkIV got scratched as the Panzers rushed past the burning Cromwells and squashed the A/tank guns on the objective.   (Pic 2).  When no Allied reserves arrived on turn 4 it was all over in 30 mins, including set up.

Maharajah 2010:  Steve v. Rich

Meanwhile on the other table the bombardment continued on from last week as the two armies spared at each other, both unwilling to risk an attack.

After two night of glacial progress they agreed to a draw.  Sometimes even FOW produces a dud battle with an unfortunate mix of lists, terrain & mission that leaves both sides thinking they can't attack.

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