Saturday, September 11, 2010

Strategika Ancients

PeterC's Carthaginians v. Jim's Syracusians

The Syracuse army (left front in pic) was a big phalanx with peltasts on the right, cavalry on the left and a reserve phalanx uit on the right rear.

The Carthaginians kept their heavy cavalry in reserve, citizens in the centre with spearmen each side & their gauls in front on their right.

Both sides had screens of skirmishers, foot in the centtre & cavalry on the wings.

Syracuse advanced on the whole front, but the slow phalanx was soon left behind.  The Carthaginians moved their reserve cavary to the right to counter the enemy's cav, charged with the Gauls and held back the main line.

The Syracusians were hoping to win a flank while the phalanx was plodding forward & then hit the centre front & flank, but they lucked out on both flanks & also lost a unit to the Gauls.  Their attack then became a simple frontal assault.  Alas the Gods did not favour them there either, and the Carthaginians prevailed.

Another enjoyable battle as we ironed out a few more bugs in the rules.


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