Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last Practice for Operation Cromwell

Jim's Panzer v. Steve's US Mech 1750 pts Roadblock

We did a Roadblock to practice a less used mission.

One of Steve's Sherman platoons was ambushed near the village by Panthers & destroyed.

Steve brought on Mech Inf near the village & TDs in the wood to the left.

The Panthers took the objective in the village, but the US Mech & Cmd rushed up to contest.  Faced with a shirtfight against infantry dripping bazookas while TDs sniped at them from behind, the Panthers pulled out, leaving one burning behind them.

On the other flank the Stugs took on the Shermans in the tree line.  They destroyed them losing 3 Stugs in the process, but there was now nothing between them and the objective.  They took the objective, but by now the US artillery had deployed. The 155's killed one & the 105's another.  The Stugs failed morale, then they failed commander re-roll, and the US lived on.

On the other flank, the Panzer Grenadiers attacked the TDs in the wood, but were stopped by AAMG fire.  The Neblewerfers arrived too late to do anything.  But the Panthers had switced flanks and retook the 2nd objective.  Again the US artillery was their only hope.  Again they got a kill & a bail.  Again the Germans failed morale.  This time it was all over for Adolf.  The US artillery saved the day - but even so, the Germans had to fail 3 consecutive 50/50 tests to lose.


Nick said...

Great terrain :)

Anonymous said...

oakie your us army is absolute crap