Saturday, September 04, 2010

Nick's on Friday

Early War FOW

Jim's Schutzenkompanie
Munt's British Rifles

Cauldron - British attacking.

The France terrain recipe came up with an interesting table cluttered with a tree lined stream, tree lined roads & villages.  (The tree lines do not impede movement but block LOS).

The Germans dug in 2 infantry, attached HMGs & 2 Pak 36s around the objectives & had MkIVs, mortars & more HMGs in reserve, plus Stukas.  The Brits had 3 infantry plats, 2 mortars, HMGs, A/cars, 2 pdrs & 2 Matildas.

The Germans got their MkIV's on early and they pounced on an isolated rifle plat - only to be beaten off losing 2.  The survivors sat back to blast the infantry away instead - a slow process, but eventually successful.

The Brits got their reserves at  a steady rate and attacked with infantry & Matildas.  The German infantry fought valiantly but had to give ground before the mighty Matildas, but their reserves arrived too late to help, the Luftwaffe was useless and 3 MkIVs were not enough to stop Munt's well coordinated attack.

Both players enjoyed the game - finding Early War quite different from later periods.  

Legends of the Old West

Meanwhile, Nick, Joe & Leigh fought a wild west game.  Your correspondant was somewhat preoccupied on the Western Front, but it seems the Leigh's Mexican bandits had a gay old time shooting up the town.

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