Sunday, October 03, 2010

Operation Cromwell 2-3 Oct 2010

Flames of War Tournament

We had 13 players involved from 3 gaming clubs - Camp Cromwell, Kingston Bunker Rats & the Launceston Gaming Club.  Not all could play every round due to other commitments, but we had 8 tables and a flexible rostering program that could accomodate varying player numbers.  3 of the tables were designed & supplied by the DAK Bunker Rats.  St George's Church Hall was  a great venue - centrally located, close to Jackman & McRoss, Da Angelo's & the POW (for watching the Grand Final Replay between rounds 2 & 3), plus lots of trestles & plenty of space.
Round 1...Breakthrough:

Nick Bowler (US Arm) d. Richard Taylor (Fin Arm)...4:3
Jim Gandy (Brit Guard Arm Rec) d. James (Panzer)...5:2
Leigh Watson (Stug) d. Patrick Roxborough (US Airborne)...6:1
Steve Jendrich (PanzerLehr Mech) d. Rusty (Polish)...6:1
Nick Ridge (Brit Rifles) d James Oakes (Grenadiers)...5:2
Mark Oakford (US Arm) d. Tristan Goodwin (FJs)...6:1

Round 2...Cauldron or Encounter:

Jim Gandy (Panzer) d. Nick Ridge...6:1 (Cauldron)
Richard Taylor d. Rusty...6:1 (Encounter)
Mark Oakford d. Leigh Watson...6:1 (Cauldron)
Patrick Roxborough tied with Tristan Goodwin 2:2 (Encounter)
Steve Jendrich d. Nick Bowler...5:2 (Cauldron)
James Oakes d. James...6:1 (Encounter)

Round 3...No Retreat:

Patrick Roxborough d. Joe (Panzer)...5:2
Rusty d. Nick Bowler (Panzer)...4:3
Jim Gandy (Brit Arm Recon) d. James Oakes...6:1
Tristan Goodwin d. Richard Taylor...6:1
Steve Jendrich d. Mark Oakford..6:1
Nick Ridge d. Leigh Watson...4:3

Round 4...Roadbloack or No Retreat:

Leigh Watson d. Rusty...6:1 (FW)
Tristan Goodwin tied Joe Dexter...3:1 (RB)
Steve Jendrich d. Patrick Roxborough...5:2 (FW)
Richard Taylor d. Jim Gandy...4:3 (FW)
Nick Ridge d. Mark Oakford (Panzer)...6:1 (RB)

Round 5...Free For All:

Mark Oakford tied Patrick Roxborough...3:1
Steve Jendrich tied Nick Ridge...1:2
Richard Taylor d. Joe Dexter...5:2
Jim Gandy d. Leigh Watson...4:3
Tristan Goodwin d. Rusty 6:1

Final Results:

1. Steve Jendrich 4 wins. 1 tie
2. Jim Gandy 4 wins 1 loss
3. Nick Ridge 3 wins 1loss 1 tie
4. Richard Taylor 3 wins 2 losses
5. Tristan Goodwin 2 wins, 2 ties, 1 loss
6. Mark Oakford 2 wins 1 tie 1 losses
7. Leigh Watson 2 wins 3 losses
8. Patrick Roxborough 1 win 2 ties 2 losses
9. Nick Bowler 1 win 2 losses
10. James Oakes 1 win 2 losses
11. Rusty 1 win 4 losses
12. Joe Dexter 1 tie 2 loses
13. James 2 losses


Von Manstein Award for best General: Steve Jendrich
Young Turk Award for best Gen-Y General: Richard Taylor
Champs Elyse Award for best army parade: Nick Ridge
Dunkirk Award for being Valiant in Defeat: Joe Dexter
Sergeant Wilson Award for sportsmanship: Awarded to everyone - there was no way of selecting a winner when everyone was  pleasure to play against.

We thank Area 52 & Battlefront for their assistance in providing prizes & publicity.

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