Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Camp Cromwell 05/10/10

Jim's US Armour v. Joe's Panzer
1750 pts Breakthrough, US Attacking.

We had two apologies due to illness from BP fans so we did a FOW using Oakie's armies from Operation Cromwell.  Byron umpired until he had to go.

Joe had to keep most of his force in reserve being armoured & deployed what he could in one quadrant.

The Yanks used a Sherman platoon as the flanking force and immediately attacked thru the central wood with their infantry while the tanks skulked behind it.  The US artillery took out the Tiger & the GI's cleaned up the 2IC & HQ Panzers plus the 88's before a Panzergren counterattack took them out. 

The Germans had an early success with the Neblewerfers taking out a tank, but after that were always on the back foot.  The US flanking force came on early and hurt the Werfers before the Stugs could come up.  The Panzergrens stipped the GI's but artillery pinned & eventualy destroyed them.

On turn 5 the Germans had to rush forward their remaining armour to dispute objectives.  It was forlorn hope even v. the Shermans, but a TD ambush from the wood made it total suicide. 

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