Saturday, October 09, 2010

At Nick's 08/10/10

Jim's Carri v. Rich's Ozzie Inf
1500 pts Breakthrough, Ities attacking

Rich made three mistakes which were ruthlessly exploited by the Ities.  First he deployed half his artillery in the open where hills prevented the other half supporting them.  The Ities immediately swarmed the exposed battery with tanks & destroyed it.  Second he double moved 2 rifle platoons while too close to the Itie tanks.  The Carri changed direction to move into range & Rich found out all about the Carri's mg's.  Third he put his Matildas in reserve.  This was compounded by poor reserve dice & the Ities tanks were able to run amok before they finally arrived.

In pic 1 the 2 rifles on the left have just double moved towards the objective in the centre.  The Carri moved left away from the 1st rifles (who are dug in) to mow the other others down.

In pic 2 the Carri have returned to finish off the 1st rifles having destroyed the 2nd & half the 3rd.  The Matildas have finally arrived & are just off the bottom of the pic, but after the immediate destruction of the 1st rifles & attached Coy command, the Ozzies failed army morale & the Matildas couldn't do anything beyond the of bailing one L6 on the previous turn.

Nick & Joe in Field of Glory Ancients

The FOW battle was over & packed up before the FOG on the other table got beyond the set up stage.  The battle then processed at glacial pace with much duelling of rulebooks.  Your correspondant became exhausted & went home to bed before first contact.

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