Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Strategika 26/10/10

Jim as Seleucis v. Joe as Antigonus

Same armies as last Saturday, but Jim on other side.  In the pic Seleucis is on the right.

Seleucis did the usual throw the grotties at the enemy to weaken them trick.  The pigs on the right took out some heavy cavalry & mauled two hoplite units while the Galacian foot in the centre got a few casualties on the phalanxes in the centre - not a bad result.

In the foreground teh Galacian cavalry stood on the hill & watched the light cavalry skirmish until Antionus lost patience & came forward.

There was a weak point in the Selucid line left of centre between the phalanx & the cavalry, but the inexperienced Antigonus allowed the Agema & some light infantry to neutralise his potential advantage. 

The cavalry fight when it finally started up turned into win some & lose some for both sides, but the battle was decided when Seleucis attacked right of centre with Argaraspids & fresh phalanxes v. weakened opposition.  A bif win for Seleucis with no lost critical units.

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