Saturday, October 30, 2010

Russian Front 30/10/10

Jim's Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers
Rich's Strelkovy

1750 pts Breakthrough on 8x6, Germans attacking.  Midwar from EF book.

The Russians had 2 large Strelk, Gods of War, 3 KV's.

The Germans put 2 Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers in flank attack.  The deployed their HMGs & Panthers on a scrubby hill overlooking the Gods of War position & their 105's in an exposed position.

The Russians sent one Strelk to cover the objectives.  The KVs & 1 Strelk advanced on the exposed 105s.  This was just what the Germans wanted.  It left the HMGs & Panthers free to pound the Gods to destruction and left just the one Strelk defending the objectives.

On turn 5 the Germans got a big stroke of luck - both Gerpanz PG platoons in reserve came on together.  The Strelk on the objective had failed to dig in on the previous turn & 8 halftracks opened up on them.  An assault cleared the objective of the few survivors and the Russians had no way of taking it back.

The pic is taken at the end from behind the German starting quarter.  The Panthers & HMGs deployed on the scrubby hill in the foreground overlooking the Gods battery which was in the corner on the right.  The wall of half tracks in the far corner has taken the objective.

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