Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FOW Fighting Withdrawal

Steve's 21st Panzer (MM) v. Jim's US Armour (Cobra)
in 2000 pts Fighting Withdrawal, US defending.

The Germans advanced on their RH objective with 2 KTs and on the other two with mounted Panzer Grenadiers supported by artillery & SP guns.

The US sat & waited with 5 Shermans in ambush plus 4M10's TDs hidden.  Their armoured rifles dismounted the HT's HMGs & dug in across the two RH objectives.

The Germans made steady progress with their attacks wheel the US waited, withdrawing artillery when required.  They counterattacked in the centre with the depoyed Shermans to help out the GI's, but the centre objective in a wood fell anyway.  The Sherman ambush counterattacked, retook the objective, then lost it again.  But the Panzergrenadiers failed morale to save the US from defeat. 

The KT's finally got to their objective, but too late, it was pulled up.  When the Panzergrenadiers on the other flank failed morale it was all over for the Germans.

A close run thing - ended up decided on one 50/50 morale test.


Nick said...

The US should have attacked -- they have always attack.

Anonymous said...

2kts with 3 shots rerole misses in ambush would have been good,but jims voice is giving him trouble