Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Camp Cromwell 02/11/10

Joe's FJ's from Hell's Hwy
Jim's US Armour from Cobra

2000 pts Hasty Assault, US attacking.

The US put their artillery (105's & 155's) & infantry (dismounted) on the table with 2 Sherman platoons (of 5 & 4 tanks) & M10's (4) in reserve.

The Germans had 2 infantry, 4 Pak 40's on the table & 2 88's in Immediate Ambush.  Another infantry, 155's, Jagdpanther & kampfgrup in delayed reserve.

The Mission has 3 objectives for the attacker, one of which is pulled up by him after deployment.  In this case the LH one protected by the Paks.  Pic 1 is taken from behind the US left.

The US infantry advanced into the fields in the centre.  The US got a big break when their reserves came on 1 per turn for the 1st 3 turns.  They immediately rushed each platoon forward on the right.  The German reserves on the other hand failed to materialise.

The TD platoon got a nasty surprise when they found out about FJ Panzerfaust Trap teams in the woods on the right.  But that was a sideshow.  The GI's & Shermans made a combined attack on the FJ's on the RH objective.  The FJ's were overwhelmed (pic 2).  The 1st German reserve, their Jagdpanther finally showed up, but it was too late, they could not get to the objective to contest fast enough.

Itw as interesting to try a new Mission (from Das Book) & good practice for Joe in his Maharajah battle v. Nick on Friday.

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