Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blitzkrieg Night

Munt's British Guards
Renfrey's SchutzenKompanie
1750 pts Hasty Attack on 6x4, Germans defending

The Brits attacked bravely, but the Germans had a good balanced force to meet them.  The critical issue was the 88's v. Matildas.  The 88's won & that was game over.

In the pic the Brit attack si about to run out of steam - taken from behind the brit right.

Nick's British Rifles
Joe's Infanteriekompanie
1500 pts Breakout on 6x4, Germans defending

Nick grasped the essence of the unfamiliar mission first, immediately doubling infantry into the village to contest an objective.  They lost sorely to artillery & armoured cars, but enough made it through.  Then the bugs came on and distracted the Germans on their left flank while dying slowly.  On the other flank, Pak 38s destroyed the allied Renaults, but that bought time for the HMGs to move up & dig in in a great spot overlooking the objectives.  The HMGs then won a duel with the Paks.  On turn 6, the Brits held an objective with no Germans able to contest.

The pic is taken from behind the German deployment area late in the battle.

It was an interesting night with new missions from Das Book in a new period.  Munt brought his own army and we managed to scratch up another Brit & 2 Germans out of midwar stuff with a few subs.

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