Sunday, November 07, 2010

Maharajah Battle: Jim v. Byron

Jim's British Guard Rifles (HH)
Byron's Grenadiers (DD)
Encounter Battle (2,000 pts on 8x6)

The Germans placed Heavy Art on the exposed objective on their left, Grenadiers on the one in the woods in the centre, Paraducci in the village, 88's still mounted behind the wood in the centre & Stugs hidden in the village.  To come they had Recon (3x2 8 rad), Neblewerfers, 2 small Panzergrenadiers & more Grenadiers.

The Brits placed 25pdrs on the centre objective, 5.5's on the objective on their left and 2 Rifle platoons forward left & centre.  To come they had 2 Cromwell/Challenger platoons, bugs & HMGs(2 off).

The Brits started off pushing their infantry forward towards the village.  The Ities came out to meet them, but were soon sent back by accurate rifle fire.  The Stugs came out to attack the LH rifles, but did little before they were distracted by a Cromwell platoon coming on on that flank.  The rifles then attacked and took the church.  About the same time the 8 rads came on behind the other objective - they had better luck than the Stugs, destroying the RH rifles with MG fire before they could chase the Ities into the village.

Meanwhile the Brits were getting the better of the artillery duel, badly hurting the 150's & keeping them pinned down in between hits. 

The other Cromwell platoon came on on the British right, soon followed by the HMGs (in carriers) & bugs.  These rushed towards the objective, now defended only by 8 rads & a gun.  It looked like an easy kill, & this prompted Byron to mount a desperate & doomed counterattack on the 25pdrs with 8 rads before he lost his objective.  But the Cromwells couldn't hit a thing and the Germans held on the the objective with the 2IC platoon & some 8 rads.  The Cromwells tried to rush the objective but were stopped by the panzerscreck - the platoon reduced to an unflappable Challenger sitting back commandless & resolutely missing every shot. 

On the other flank the Cromwells & Stugs traded shots ineffectively until the 88's were deployed and the Stugs broke off to rush to help the defence of the German left.  The Cromwells rushed after them as the 25 pdrs smoked the 88's.  The Stugs & Cromwells rejoined their fight at close quarters next to the village.  The Cromwells had first shot, but missed their chance, then the Stugs took out all but one.  Only the unflappable commander survived.

Meanwhile on the objective the bodies piled up.  The Challenger finally found the range & with some artillery help finished off the 8 rads.  By then the HMG carriers were all gone, but somehow, the bugs had survived to hold the objective.  Two Stugs broke off from the Cromwell fight to contest the objective.  They failed stormtrooper to get within 100, but managed to bail all the bugs to hang on another turn.   The Stug left behind had 2 shots at the last Comwell & missed.

On the other flank a small Panzerfrenadier unit had been marching down the table edge towards the objective defended only by un-dug in 5.5's & was was almost within charge range.  But the tide suddenly turned for the Brits.  Their artillery smashed the Werfers & pinned the infantry coming from the village, one bug unbailed and the Challenger was on a roll - 3 shots, 3 hits, 3 dead Stugs.  Suddenly it was all over.

It was one hell of a fight - one of those great see-sawing FOW games that make us love it so much.  

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