Saturday, November 06, 2010

WMD's on the Domain

Rich & Jim took their WMD's of choice to the Crossroads Oval on the Domain.

Jim's small treb threw the usual mix of water bombs, fruit & bocce balls.  The arm had been rejigged to provide more power since the last time it was used several years ago.  This lead to unexpected consequences when we maxed the weight - the slings kept breaking even though they were the same as last time - when they worked fine.  As a result we had to power back & limit the exercise somewhat.  A trip to the ships chandlers for some thicker high strength yachting rope is in order.

Rich provided more modern WMD's in the form of solid fuel rockets. These blasted straight up almost out of sight.  A parachute then deployed to allow the shell to drift slowly back to ground with a herd of kids in hot pursuit..  


Richard said...

Here's a youtube video for it.

Richard said...

No here's the link: