Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Maharajah 2010 4th Semi Final

Steve's Panzergrenadier (Panzerlehr from VB)
Mark's US Rifles (FE)
No Retreat, US defending 2000 pts on 8x6

Mark as usual maxed out on artillery - 5.5's, 2x105's, 105 light's, light mortars plus aircraft.  He also had 2 inf, HMGs. engineers, SPAA, 3 Shermans & 2 M10's.  He deployed inf, HMGs, mortars, light 105's & 5.5's.
The Germans had a shirtload of armoured half tracks full of grizzled vets toting mgs, supported by Pak 40's, Neblewerfers, 105's, 2 lots of SPAA & flamethrower HTs.

The Germans attacked with a wall of half tracks while their artillery laid smoke to impede observers & their AA shot down the USAF every time.  The GI's were no match for the half tracks and the objective was over-run on turn 3.  The US only hope was their Shermans coming out of ambush behind the ridge and rushing to contend the objective.  The ridge was Difficult Ground so bogging rolls were required.  Oakie proceded to bog them all & could not contest the objective.

This was the first Axis victory in the Maharjah for 2 years !

Next round - semi finals:
Nick's US Armour v. Steve's Panzerlehr.
Jim's Panzergrenadiers v. Rich's Canadian Rifles.

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