Sunday, November 14, 2010

Breakout Mission

Jim's Panzergrenadiers
Byron's British Guard Armour

Breakout Mission, 2000 pts on 8x6 table.

We decided to test out the new Breakout Mission from Das Book.  It's a bit like Cauldron meets Breakthrough.  The defender (Germans here) start dug in in one quarter with all but one mech platoon in reserve to come on from far corner.  The attacker has half on the table in the 2 diagonal quarters with reserves coming on in their rear corners.  We made the come on zones 600 from the corners ratehr than 30 to compensate for the big table.  Objectives are in the middle just out off both deployment zones.

The Germans kept their Stugs in reserve, placing artillery, infantry & armoured cars on the table.  The Brits put their artillery, heavy mortars, 1 rifle & 1 Sherman platoon on the table, with 2 more infantry, another Sherman, bugs & armoured cars to come.

The Germans were fortunate to get their Stugs quickly.  They deployed around the farmyards ready for the Shermans.  When the Shermans came up the tank v. tank fight was indecisive at first, but as often happens eventually got deadly.  The Germans lost one Stug platoon, but Bits lost both theirs.  The remaining Stug platoon was king - the Brits had nothing left to counter it so Byron conceded.

There was a lot more stuff going on round the edges not decribed above as it wasn't critical.  It's a challenging mission, but interesting because of that.  In the pic the German deployment quarter is far right.  The Shermans are advancing in the forground, Stugs lurk in & around the farm yards.  Panzergrenadiers are moving thru the village to secure the objectives betwween the village & the farmyard.

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