Saturday, November 06, 2010

Maharajah Night at Nick's

Two Quarter Final matches for Maharajah 2010 were fought at Nick's.
2000 pts on 8x6 tables.

Rich's Canadian Mech
Leigh's 21st Panzer Infantry
No Retreat, German's defending.

The Canadians made an almost continuous line of vehicles across the front & charged forward with a horde of bugs in front.  The Germans also had a lot of platoons, but strangly did not deploy any infnatry on the forward objective.   Their intention of defending it with firepower fell over under the onrush of bugs.  Theyw ere forced to use all their firepower picking the bugs off the objective which allowed unfrocked priests to get up and deliver an infantry platoon.  There were then too many teams to take out and teh Canadians won a quick victory.

Nick's US Armour (Cobra)
Joe's Falschirmjager (MM)
Hasty Assault, German's defending

The US objectives were on each flank.  The LH one in the open defended by Pak 40's and 150 Art, the RH one in a wood, not directly defended, but well back so reserves could be expected to arrive in time.  2/88's dominated the centre behind the dominant terrain feature - a big ridge in the middle of the table.  The US decided to attack through the woods on their right down a narrow corridor out of range of the 88's & 150's.

On the other flank the artillery dueled while the Germans manhandled their Paks forward to help, but that was all a sideshow, the real action was on the US right.

The US infantry advanced through the woods.  Armour followed up with the odd bog or panzerfaust ambush causing delays.  A second tank platoon stayed back to give covering fire & make the big FJ platoon in the centre keep their head down.  The German reserves showed up just in time for 2 infantry platoons to occupy the wood with the objective, but they were not yet dug in when the GI's attacked.  The woods actually helped the attack as the Germans failed to halt the charge with defensive fire and the lead platoon was destroyed.

The Jagdpather arraived and kept the Shermans busy for a while, but it was swamped and the attack resumed.  The GI's cleared the 2nd platoon with heavy losses but passed morale & held on.  The Germasn now had no alternative but to move the centre platoon over to contest.  But they were mown down by the massed Shermans before the 88's & 150's could do much damage.

It was  a long hard slog past midnight for the US, but with persevance to the plan they got there in the end.

So Rich & Nick progress to the Semi Finals.  Jim & Byron are scheduled to fight on Sunday, Mark & Steve on Tuesday.

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