Saturday, November 27, 2010

English Civil War

Oakie's Royalists
Jim's Parliamentarians

Camp Cromwell Rules

Both sides deployed traditonally with cavalry on the wings and pike & shot in the centre.  Parliament bolstered their weaker right with 3 guns.  Both sides put their musketeers in or in front of the village.   Parliament supported them with their dragoons & cavalry behind.

As they should the Royalists took the initiative and attacked all along the line.  On their left the Royalists had superior numbers of horse as well as better troops, but the Parliamentary horse put up good fight & the battle was won & lost elsewhere before the Royalists could use their win to influence the result.

On the Rotalist right there was a confused but interesting fight in the contricted space between the wood & the village.  Parliament eventually got on top, but as on the other flank it took too long to allow the win to affect the result. 

The battle was decided in the centre where the Royalist foot had the better luck in a fair fight.   It was case of both sides having sound plans which neutralised each other making the result a bit dice reliant.  But the battle was none the less enjoyable for that.  We both a had a good time & the rules worked well - none the worse for being a being a quick adaption from ancients. 

Pics all taken from behind Parliamentary right.

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