Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Camp Cromwell 30/11/10

Jim's Russians
Renfrey's Speverband
1750 pts Hasty Assault, Russians attacking.

The Russians made the battlefield very crowded by making a massed assault on their left.  Motostrelk mutually destructed the German infantry while the T34's took on the Stugs & Hetzers.  Then the Cossacks came through and took the objective only to be destroyed by a counterattack by infnatry brought from the other flank.  But the Russians had won the tank battle by then and their KVs sat ont eh objective to win the battle.

Munt's Hungarians
Joe's Yanks
No Retreat, US defending.

Joe ahd a bit of a learning curve to climb in his first experience as Americans.  He got overun by Hetzers in the end, but he had made the Axis pay dearly.

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