Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Camp Cromwell 07/12/10

Jim's Motostrelk
v. Munt's Hungarians
2000 pts LW Breakout on 8x5 table.
Byron also present.

The Russians started with 2 M/Strelk & Rockets on the table & T34's, KV's & Honeys to come.
The Hungarians had Infantry, Artillery, Hetzers, A/C's & Stukas, with Panthers, Stugs, Infantry & Paks to come.

Pic 1 is at the start after the Hun recon move.

The first M/Strlek got picked on, but it got into the village within 100 of objective & the surviors hunkered down.  The second M/Strelk did better detroying the Hungarian infantry in the wood on their flank, then swinging right to move on the objectives.  The Katies lasted just 2 turns of artillery bombardment.

By the time the Russian armour arrived, the Huns had a reception committee of 3 Stugs in a hedge & 2 Panthers waiting.   The Russians doubled the T34s & Honeys to get close to the objectives while the KV's entertained the Panthers (pic 2).  Finding Munt too cunning to let them near their side armour they were whittled away.  The T34s took out the Stugs, the Honeys managed to take one Hetzer down with them, but the Russians were on borrowed time - nearing an army morale crisis.  The remnants of the 1st M/Strelk beat off an infantry attack on the village & the 2nd M/Strelk attacked in a desperate attempt to force a Hun morale test.  They drove the Hetzers back and took out half the Hun battery before the Hetzers drove them back again.  Then when the Panthers bagged the 6th T34 and the Russians failed morale & it was game over after a great battle. 

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