Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Friedland 1807 - the afternoon

Jim's French v. Peter & Renfrey's Russians

The armies were set up in their historical late aternoon positions when Ney & Victor came on and attacked.  We only did the French right as the action on the other side of the Fluss was just a sideshow.  The troops that fought in the morning were all made Shaken  while the French newcomers were of course fresh.

As in the real thing Ney stormed through the Forest of Sortlak to pressurize Bagration as Victor passed through Lanne's lines to attack Docturov.  For a time the Russian line held, but holding a line with your back to a river is a dangerous game.  Suddenly Victor's Dragoons got on a winning streak - they broke a Dragoon counterattack & followed up hurling hot dice.  They broke the second line and went on into the flank of Bagrations Cuirassiers as they were trying to redploy them to cover the line of retreat to Friedland.  This broke the Russians in two and cut off Bragration line fo retreat entirely. 

The battle was not meant to be at all competitive - basically Napoleon had Bennigsen on toast and the wargame confirmed this unequiocally.  But it was a nice test of the rules and a good opportunity to get some feedback on them from fresh eyes.

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