Monday, January 03, 2011

Maharajah 2010 2nd Semi Final

Nick's US Armour v. Steve's Panzergrenadiers
in 2000 pts Breakout, Steve Defending

Nick used his recon move to grab an objective on turn 1 to gain an initial advantage.  Pic 1 shows Nick's recon and infantry rushing the village on the left while Steve is advancing from the top right.

Nick then pinned down one Steve's infantry platoons with artillery and they refused to unpin for far too long to be fair.

The Shermans came on from reserve and skulked behind the village in the foreground out of sight of the dreaded Tigers, but it was the infantry fight that was important.

Steve's attack through the wood drove the US infantry back out of the wood and into the village, but Nick held the second line to hold an objective on turn 6 to win the battle.

It was a tough ask for Steve as defender in this unfamiliar mission, but Nick had a better grasp of the essentials of the mission than Steve and exploited that to the full.

Nick's Armour will fight Jim's Panzergrenadiers in the Grand Final.

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