Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1995 Revisited Again

Mark with his 1995 Maharajah Army (Seleucid)
Jim using Peter Moy's 1995 Pontic Army

Peter's 1995 army was famous for being a heap of crap, but it still came second, beaten by Mark & tying with Jim.  Tonight the Ponts deployed most of their foot on a ridge in the centre, Chariots and low grade cataphracts on the right, grotty cavalry on the left - all screened by a horde of skirmishers.

Mark advanced on the whole line.  On his left, his cataphracts stopped the chariots then with the help of Companions mopped up the rest of the flank.   On his right, the Pontic horse archers didn't do enough damage to make up for the quality difference & Mark eventually cleaned up that flank too.  In the centre, the Ponts on the hill held firm for a while, but they were outflanked on the left and doomed.

Once again the 1995 result was repeated with the M2M 2011 edition rules working nicely with the old lists.

The pics are all taken from behind the Ponic left.  (The chariots in pic 2 are pointing the wrong way because they are routing)

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