Friday, January 21, 2011

Chez Nick's 21/01/11

Early War FOW 1500 pts
Jim's Schutzen v. Leigh's British Rifles
Cauldron Mission on 6x4

The Brits lost the toss & defended, placing 3 infantry down with 2pdrs in immediate ambush & with 25pdrs, MkIIIB, bugs & HMGs in Reserve.

The Germans put down 1 Infantry, Mortars & HMGs - all close together in a village straddling zones 3 & 4 - with 38t's, Gerpanzerert Pioneers & another Infantry in reserve.  The Germans were content to wait for their reserves before attacking.  They were slow coming & the MkIIIB's came on first & attacked the Moratrs.  The Mortars were lucky to get away with only 1 loss before the 38T's came to the rescue.  The rest of the Germans reserves camme on soon after - all concentrated on the right.

The German began their attack on the nearest objective with an Infantry platoon with suport from Mortars, HMGs & 38T's.  The MkIIB's counterattacked, but were destroyed by the 38T's.  The Infantry took the objective but was so badly mauled it was soon destroyed by a counterattack by the bugs.  But the 38T's took them out and the Brits were unable to stop the Panzers taking the objective, or to blast them off it. 

All pics taken from behind the German right.

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