Sunday, January 23, 2011

1995 Revisited

Mark's Seleucids v. Jim's Sucessors
in refight of their 1995 Maharajah battle.

We decided to fight an "historical" battle.  The 1995 army lists easily transposed to the 2011 rules.  The same figures were used.  The player's hair had changed colour & in Mark's case there was a significant change in profile, but the result was the same as in 1995.

Both sides deployed their phalanxes in the centre.  Mark put his cavalry on his right and his barbarian infantry on his left.  Jim put his heavy cavalry on his left but only light cavalry on the right - relying on a wood and his hoplites to cover the right of his phalanx.  He put his barbarian infantry in front of the centre.

The pics are taken from behind Jim's right & the description below is from the same viewpoint.

On the right Mark's barbarians advanced wheeling ponderously onto the enemy's flank.  Their skirmish screen was destroyed & they lost casualties to cavalry skirmishers, but the hoplites & the wood held them up until the battle was won elsewhere.

In the centre, Jim's barbarian charge was beaten off with small losses & the Phalanxes closed in to slug it out.

On the left, the cavalry fight had wins & losses on both sides, but Mark's cataphracts made the critical difference.  One tied up Jim's Companions, the other beat a big Heavy Cav unit, then rode down 2 Peltasts units to outflank the enemy centre.

With the right just holding on, the left destroyed and the centre being surrounded from the left Jim conceeded.

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