Tuesday, January 04, 2011

English Civil War

Renfrey & Nick's Royalists
v. Mark's Parliamentarians

Parliament lined up conventionally with cavalry on the wings & infantry in the centre coveirng the whole field. But the King's men deployed entirely on their right with cavalry in reserve behind their left. 

The Royalits had a strong cavalry force on their far right intending to push down the table edge around the wood & into the Roundhead rear.  This came unstuck when the Roundhead cavalry blocked the gap & refused to die.  This left much of the Royalist cavlry stuck on the flank with nothing to do while the battle was being decided elsewhere.

In the Royalist centre, they had pikes in the central wood, but they advanced out of it & the Roundhead cavalry recoiled back. Royalist musketeers entered the other wood to face off the Roundhead dragoons for the duration.

The crux of the battle came when the Roundhead cavalry on the right eventually got over to attack the  Royalist flank.  The elbow in the Royal line was vulnerable to any failures and when Oakie made the dice stand on end, the second grade Royalist cavalry broke and their line was compromised. 

The Royalists tried to send some cavalry across from their left, but it was too late & it only rode to its doom as the Royalist left collapsed into chaos.

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