Sunday, January 16, 2011

FOW 16/01/11

Byron's US Armour
Jim's Panzergrenadiers
2000 pts Breakthrough on 8x6 table, Germans defending.

Both objectives were next to woods.  The Germans sent one P/gren platoon on foot to the closer objective & a mounted one to the other.  Their artillery & werfers were tucked away in a crowded quarter, Paks were placed in the with a field of fire between the objectives.  Stugs & Marders in reserve.

The US put Engineers & Shermans in flank reserve, 105 & 76 Shermans in the centre, Priests in rear & infantry threatening the German artillery.   The US tanks in the centre moved forward carefully out of range or LOS of the Paks.  The Stugs came on 1st turn on the flank of the 76 Shermans, folowed by the Marders on turn 2.  The Shermans turned to fight, but were destroyed for no loss.  But the US also got good reserve dice, their Engineers coming on turn 3 & the Shermans on turn 4.  The P/grens in the central wood were quickly over-run & the objective taken.

The Stugs, followed by the Marders, rushed across under fire & managed to contest the objective with 1 Stug in the nick of time.  The Stug died, but it bought time for half the other P/grens to remount their half tracks and rush over to retake the objective, clearing the wood of both engineers & tanks.

The final action was a shoot out between the remaining armour.  Only 3 Marders survived but the US had nothing left to contest the woodsd full of P/grenadiers.

Another exciting see-saw FOW battle.  Pic 1 is behind the Stugs & Marders where they came on.  There are 2 burning Shermans, the others ran off.   Pic 2 is from behind the objectives.  A Stug contests the objective, the armour shootout is beyond it, the mounted P/grens are coming up in the foreground.

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