Saturday, December 04, 2010

Maharajah 2010 Semis at Nicks

Jim's Panzergrenadiers
v. Rich's Canadian Mech

Cauldron Germans defending.

The Germans defended the Caudron with 2 Infantry, 105's, Neblewerfers & Pak 38's.
2 Stug platoons, Armoured cars, infantry guns & Kampfgroup to come.
The Canadians started with M10's, Shermans, Recon, Heavy Mortars & 25 pdrs on the table, mounted infantry & 6pdrs to come.

The Canadians used their Recon effectively to thwart to German plan to ambush the M10s with the Paks forcing the Paks to deploy in the hedges further back.  While the Canadian Infantry gathered, their artillery, mortars & tanks destroyed the 105's.  Then the Canadians made a well coordinated attack with infantry & armour, driving the Grenadiers off one objective.  It looked all over for the Germans, but they suddenly got lucky.  Their 2nd reserve dice was 2 5's so all their Stugs arrived.  The remnants of the grenadiers passed morale & unpinned to keep a toehold on the objective.  The Canadians erred in digging in on the objective instead of pushing on with their infantry, & the M10's, weakened by Paks, failed to take out the remaining Panzergrenadiers & they bought time for the Stugs to come up. 

The 9 Stugs made a wonderful target for the RAF, but only 1 plane came & it missed.  The Stugs finished off the Shermans & M10's & reached the objective in the nick of time as the brave infantry were finally destroyed.  Six 6pdrs were the Canadian's last hope, but they had to deploy in the open, did little damage with their 1st shot & were promptly destroyed by Neblewerfers & Stugs. The Canadians failed army morale & the Germans gained a lucky victory. 

Nick's US Armour
v. Steve's 21st Panzergranadiers

Encounter battle.

As usual Steve dug in on his baseline & defended doggedly.  After a long artillery duel, Nick made an attack down the right flank, but by midnight it hadn't got near an objective. 

Battle drawn.  They will have a rematch - this time a Breakout Mission - which one would expect to give a result.    Winner to fight Jim in the Final.

Leigh's Parliamentarians 
v. Joe's Royalists

Leigh & Joe used the 3rd table to fight an ECW battle using Fields of Glory rules.  After a long slog, Parliament prevailed.

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