Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Camp Cromwell 14/12/10

John's Cossacks
Steve's PanzerLehr
2000 pts Hasty Assault on 8x6 table

The Cossack horde charged down the Russian left flank with armoured support.  But too much time was spent by the players in yaffling and they ran out of time before the armies got to grips.

Munt's Gurkas
Renfrey's Panzergrenadiers
1750 pts midwar No Retreat on 8x6.  Brits defending.

Pic 1 shows the German armour rushing forward at the start.  The Churchill ambush in the trees failed to hurt the Panzers (1 bail) & revenge was swift, both the 88's & the Panzers got a kill & bail & they were wiped out next turn.

The Armoured halftracks & Panzers then assaulted the objective.  The Gurka's fought bravely, but the German armour overwhelmed them.

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