Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Camp Cromwell 21/12/10

Munt's British Rifles
Jim's Shutzenkompanie
1750 pts Early War Roadblock, Germans defending on 8x6 table.

The Germans ambushed the Brit 25 pdrs with 4 Pak36's.  They knocked out 2 in the ambush & finished the rest off in the next 2 turns. 

The pic is from behind the German right.  Most of the Brits came on on the right.  They occupied the farm yard to dispute that objective with the rest fo their troops deployed in and behind the wood and farm unable to advance for fear of the Paks on teh tree line & the T38's.  One Brit Rifle, Light Tanks & Bugs came on on the far flank.  The Germans secured their right with Paks & tanks and deployed HMGs & 88's in the village.  They sent 1 Inf platoon to the right to take over from the tanks & the other luked in their trucks behind the village.

The German armoured cars came on on their left but were beaten by the Brit light tanks.   The light tanks and bugs then threatened the German left.  But the Germans deployed their reserve infantry in the treeline behind the village to prevent this.

With both flanks secure and the centre a killing ground covered by 88's Paks & HMG's, the patient Germans finally attacked.  The T38's moved left thru the village, around the British rifles now in the cornfield and destroyed the mortars on the far objective to take it and win the battle.

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