Monday, December 13, 2010

Gaza 312BC BPEM

Ptolemy (Nick)
Demetrius (John)

This was our second go at a PBEM ancient battle using Camp Cromwell Rules.  One of the battles between the Sucessors.  Ptolemy had more phalangites, but Demetrius had more cavalry and some elephants to make a pretty even fight of it.  In the real thing Ptolemy won.

Pic 1 is the initial deployment, Ptolemy on the left.  Ptolemy advanced his phalanx in the centre first, then his wings.  Demetrius advanced his right first, then his left holding his (weaker) phalanx back. 

The fighting started on Ptolemy's left. Cavalry v. cavalry, cavalry v. peltasts, elephants v. phalanx, peltast v. phalanx.  The cavalry fight ebbed & flowed for a long time boths sides winning & losing.  D's cavalry beat the peltasts after a couple of charges.  P's phalanxes shrugged off the elephants & peltasts & resumed their advance.

On Ptolemy's right his peltasts outnumbered their opponents, his cavalry beat the elephants, but his flank was overlapped by peltasts.  In the centre, P's phalanxes marched forward.  D lead his reserve companions out round the right flank of the advancing phalanx.

 Now the battle is reaching the crisis.  The pic is from behind Demetrius' line.  On the left, D's peltasts have wheeled right and are pressing hard.  In the centre, the phalanxes have locked up.  D has won one on the right but his phalanx lost heavily in the process.  D's comp-anions have pinned down the 4th of P's phalanxes.  On the right, the cavalry melee is winding up with D ending up with a cavalry unit free.

Now it's P's phalanx's turn to win, but after a tough fight leaving them in rough shape.  D's cavalry is coming from the right & P's right is looking shaky with the peltasts breaking behind the phalanx.

P pulled his cav back from his right to meet D's cavalry in the rear.  But D's HA hurt them on the way & they were beaten.  D's cav then thoguht they'd done enough & chased after them.

P's LH (pic way) phalanx just managed to rally & about face to meet the peltasts.  The other 2 phalanxes (1 each) struggled to rally.  P's archers kept D's remaining phalanx pinned down while P's phalanx rallied, turned & hit it in flank.

By the now both sides were mess.  Demetrius has only 1 key unit left - his companions, 3 more have pursued off the field, his 3 phalanxes have routed.
Ptolemy has 3 phalanxes left, but 3 companions routed and 1 in pursuit.  Neither side has more than half their key units (phalanxes & companions) routed, but neither has much chance to get any more routs.  According to the Army Morale Test its a tie.  Though with 3 phalanxes left Ptomemy could claim he really won.

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