Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Friedland 1807

Mark's French v. Steve's Russians

We fought the morning action where Lannes held off the Russians until Napoleon arrived.

In the pics the French are on the left.  Grouchy's cavalry on the far side of the Fluss, Lannes' infantry on the near side.

On the French left the Russians advanced until Grouchy counterattacked.  The Cossacks on the far flank were quickly routed.  The regular cavalry was a tougher nut, but the French eventually beat that too.  But the Russian infantry & artillery held the line & the flank ended up in a stalemate (as it did historically).

On the French left, the Russians found it hard work for all their numerical superiority.  The mainly French Confident Vets more than a match for the mainly Fearless Conscript Russians.  But the Russians eventually got their cavalry/artillery/infantry coordination right and the French broke.

The time taken for the Russians to beat Lannes was about 3 hours - better than history so the game was judged a Russian victory.   Nevertheless, even though victorious, the Russians were in no fit state to face Napoleon's fresh troops.  Most of their troops on their left being Shaken & their cavalry broken on the right.

We used M2M & they worked well giving a good Napoleonic feel.  The combat system could benefit with a little streamlining & I'm working on that.

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