Saturday, February 26, 2011

FOG at Nick's

Carl's Spartans v. Nick's Greeks

Carl & Nick used two very beautiful 25mm armies supplied by Carl. Jim & Leigh observed & assisted with rules location.

As usual with Greek Hoplite armies there wasn't much scope for sublety - 2 lines of Hoplites, some cavalry at one end and a few skirmishers. Nick put his skirmishers on the flanks, Carl put his in front of the centre.

Nick's bigger cavalry unit won the cavalry fight on his right flank. His skirmishers on the hill o his left pinned down the end Spartan hoplite unit. In the centre, the Spartan skirmishers were totally ineffective and only served to delay the advance of his own heavies. Eventualy he got his scum out of the way and charged in on his left & centre, leaving his right refused.

Nick should have rolled up the line with his cavaly, but it ran into the the rear of a skirmisher unit which not only didn't rout, but turned to face & held on for about 5 turns. His right flank skirmishers did attack the end of the Spartan hoplie line and the end unit broke. But the rest of the main battle line remained in a complex overlapping mellee that tied up for several turns, unitl finally Nick got a run of bad dice and his centre broke. About the same time, his cavalry finally broke the pesky skirmihers.

With both sides teetering on the edge of army morale failure, it was a race to see if Carl could clean up the end of Nick's hoplite line before Nick's cav could get into his rear. Carl won the race & the battle. It was an interesting and exciting enough little battle, though it took over 3 hours.

All pics take nfrom Nick's left.

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