Tuesday, February 08, 2011

FOW Cauldron

Jim & Mark's Panzer Grenadiers
Renfrey & Byron's US Armour

Germans defending a Cauldron, 2000 pts on 8x6 table.

The Germans had just 2 infantry & a Pak ambush on table at the start, with Stugs, Marders, Artillery & Werfers in reserve.  The US had Supershermans, Honeys & Shermans with Priests, Mech Inf & M10's to come.

The US tried to make a quick kill rushing the infantry on the hill with the Supershermans & Honeys while the HQ & Observer tank dealt with the Paks.   This came unstuck when the Paks wiped out the Honeys & a combination of Panzerfaust, bogging rolls & German luck destroyed the Supershermans.

The US Inf arrived and immediately attacked the innfatry in the wood supported by the Shermans over the river.  The Stugs arrived to distract the Shermans (by kiling them), but the GI's destroyed an infatry platoon and gained an objective.  The Germans disputed the objective with Stugs over the river while their 105's kept the GIs pinned down in thier half of the wood.  The M10's came on but couldn't handle Stugs + Marders and their demise put the US in army morale trouble.  Soon after they failed morale to give the Germans victory.

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