Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Russian Front Late War

Jim's Rota Razveoki v. Steve's 21st Panzers

1750 pts Breakthrough on 8x6, Germans attacking.

Steve's army was small but rather fearsome - 2 KT's, 2 Tigers, 7 armoured HT's full of Pnazergrenadiers, 3 AA HT's and 122mm artillery.

Jim's had 2 Rota Raz platoons, Motorstrelk, 10 T34's, 2 capt Panthers & Heavy Mortars. 

It didn't look like a good mix for the Russians on a pretty open table, but a river crossed by only 3 bridges had to give the Ivans some advantage. Pic taken at start from behind Russian objectives.

The Motostrelk held the river line while the Rotaraz's were deployed to move onto the objectives, armour in reserve.  Steve concentrated on one bridge where the Motostrelk held on grimly for the first few turns.

The T34s came on imediately & were brought on on the left & moved behind the wood ready to counterattack.  The Panthers came on next turn & were sent to attack the heavy artilllery in the far corner.  They didn't make it - the artillery destroyed the both.  The German flanking force was single KT, which arrived on turn 3 & began hosing the Rotaraz's who hadn't had time to dig in.  The T34's rushed forward to take it on.  But the Motostrelk holding thre bridge suddenly cracked & a torrent of armour poure dove rthe bridge.  The T34's were caught in the open in a cross fire of KT's & Tigers (2 of which had ROF 3) & evaporated.

With no armour or anti-tank capabality left, the Ivans conceeded.

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