Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FOW Eastern Front Mid War

Jim's Rota Razveoki v. Steve's Panzergrenadiers.
1500 pts No Retreat on 6x4, Russians attacking.

Steve deployed 2 Armoured Inf & 105's on the table with 2 88's in ambush. 
Jim had 2 Razvedki, deployed on his right, 10 T34's, Heavy Mortars, 2 SU122's in the centre & Cossacks on the left.

The 88 ambush was deployed in the cornfield & took out a few T34's but the rest doubled to the left to get behind the hill & out of sight.   The Russians made 2 pronged attack - Cossacks & tanks on the left & Infantry on the right.  The Germans counterattacked with Armoured infantry on their left.  They destroyed the Infantry platoon on the flank but the other one passed trough the LHS of the wood towards the objective.

The Cossack attack was beaten off, but the T34's succeded and they took the objective.  The Germans threw every thing they could at the platooons holding the objective.  The T34 platoon was reduced to 2 bailed tanks but passed morale.   The Infantry were all but destroyed by firepower & finished off by the P/grenadiers counterattacking from the wood, but the P/grens failed tank terror to over-run assault the bailed T34s and were left just short of contesting the objective allowing the Russians to win.

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